Restorative Yin Yoga Workshop


Restorative Yin Yoga Workshop

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76 Commercial Rd, Newstead QLD 4005

Join Christiana for her second intimate specialised restorative yin yoga practice at Function Well Gym in the Restoration Zone. Limited to 10 people only, this will be practiced with all poses being done on the floor (with bolsters, blocks and blankets) and held for 3-5 minutes each. 

Nice deep stretches, full breathe and meditation with candlelight. This will help for relaxation but also to help with any anxiety if this is your first class. We will end the class with half an hour of meditation. Crystals will also be used throughout and I will place them on and around the body in each pose and in meditation to help balance the energy body. 

All students get to keep the crystals placed on them throughout the practice. Essential oils will fill the air and help guide you into a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. 

This class is suitable for all levels including complete beginners and is an amazing way to truly connect with your mind, body and breath. 

Christiana will guide you and assist you with different options depending on your required needs. The main intention here is to spend some time balancing the yin energy which is the side of you that wants to stop moving, we will remove stagnant energy and allow the mind to be still in the moment. 

Things to bring:
Water bottle
An open heart

Please enquire via email me if you are interested as limited places are available