Self Care and the Seasons - How To Look After Yourself This Winter

I always find the transition from the Autumn to Winter months to be challenging. As a sun baby, I miss the light mornings, trips to the beach and picnics by the water, that I so often turn to in the warmer months. It's been particularly cold (freezing!) here in Brisbane this past week and as much as I've wanted to soldier on and keep 'doing life' in the way I was when it was warmer, I've noticed that it simply isn't possible anymore. At least, not if I want to care for myself in the best way possible.

5AM wake ups no longer feel nourishing and nurturing, and being on the go all the time no longer feels fulfilling and revitalising.

For me, Winter is about ...



Being creative.

Going 'inside' and reflecting.

The challenge with this though, is that it's so hard for many of us to do.

After six long months of Summer and Autumn, we have very often forgotten, and thus become uncomfortable with, how to embrace a slower paced and more introspective lifestyle.

We've become so used to going and doing, that we often discredit the value that comes from simply Being ...

A calmer central nervous system and, with it, less anxiety.

Feeling more capable of coping with stress.

Experiencing a greater sense of alignment, rather than a feeling of fighting against what is natural.

Feelings of acceptance and surrender, which flow into all other parts of our lives. 

In the past few days since I started embracing Winter and changed my routine, I've felt my whole body, mind and spirit calm and relax. 

Yes, I'm a Summer baby, but I'm also someone who aspires to live life in flow, and on the path of least resistance. As such, modifying my days to be congruent with the natural rhythm of life, and the season we find ourselves in, feels like one of the most caring and loving things I can do for myself.

These days I'm:

Having slower mornings. I still wake early, but enjoy a mediation under the doona and a big mug of tea on the couch as I gently ease my way into the day.

Spending more time at home - having friends over for dinner and enjoying warm desserts is what's making me smile at the moment.

Enjoying a slower and more introspective yin yoga practice.

Embracing midday movement in the sunshine on my lunch breaks.

Writing for you, journalling for myself, and really tuning in to what needs to be expressed. 

To help you get in to the flow of Winter and embrace the truly magical energy it offers, I have two events coming up for you to enjoy ...

The first is a beautiful morning walk, followed by a gentle stretch yoga practice in the sunshine in New Farm Park. This is a gold coin donation event. 

The second is a cooking class (YAY more at home entertainment with friends in front of the heater this Winer!) This event costs just $15.

I would love for you to join me!

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