The Menstrual Cycle and Self Care

I speak a lot about my menstrual cycle and the pain and emotions I often feel during my cycle, on social media. I'll be honest and say that as much as I love the beautiful feminine process that is menstruation, my cycle is something I often feel challenged by. On more months than not, my bleed is painful and I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster. Particularly during the pre-menstrual phase of my cycle, I feel sensitive, cry easily, and find that I overthink and interpret things in ways I wouldn't at other times.

In saying this however, there's many things I love about my menstrual cycle. Though I find my pre-menstrual phase and bleed (the Autumn and Winter seasons of the cycle) challenging, I love the creativity and energy I feel during the others phases of my cycle (the Spring and Summer seasons). During my Spring and Summer I usually feel more extroverted, inspired, 'on my game' and in touch with my Self.

Something I've learned to do, that has really helped, is make small shifts to my life so that I can thrive during all four of these seasons.

During my Winter (my bleed), I've learned that slowing down and being very gentle with myself - physically AND emotionally, is what I need to thrive. Dark rooms, restorative yoga, calming essential oils like lavender, slow starts to the day, days off work when I need it, and lots of time to myself are my go-to's during my Winter.

My energy starts to pick back up during my Spring (post bleed). During this time I continue to tread gently (I've pushed myself too hard during this season in the past, much to the detriment of my health) and spend a lot of time alone. What I love about my Spring is that I start to feel alive again and I feel creativity begin to course through my body. I begin to do more strenuous exercise during this time and make sure I have my journal by my side to capture all the clever ideas that come to me (I especially receive lots of downloads about my business and workshops during this time - more on my upcoming workshops below!)

Summer (ovulation) is a time I really love. I have 'all the energy', feel very social, and continue to feel creative. I find that it's a great time to bring my visions to life and put my plans into action! I particularly love uplifting essential oil blends during this time (give me ALL the citrus oils!)

Following Summer comes Autumn (pre-menstruation) - a time I find particularly challenging. As I mentioned above, it's during this season that I tend to feel more sensitive and emotional. I used to think there was something wrong with me, until I learned that this was in fact a very normal part of the menstruation cycle (hello hormones!) The things that serve me best during my Autumn are essential oils that ground me (such as Balance), baths, a general slowing down in life, less social interactions, saunas, relaxing yoga practices and self compassion.

As small as these changes are, I'm finding that they're having a profound impact on my experience of my cycle. Though my bleed is still painful, and I sometimes feel like an emotional wreck (I know I'm not alone!) I've found that tuning into and respecting what my body needs during the different phases of my cycle is slowly allowing me to enjoy it more.

For all things cycle related, I love Claire Baker and Alisha Brunton. I suggest consulting the work of these women to learn more about the seasons!

If you have any questions about your menstrual cycle and which oils would best support you during the different seasons, or for the particular struggles you experience, feel free to email me at I'd be honoured to serve you. 


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