Reiki, and How You Can Use This Energy Healing Practice in Your Daily Life

I've always felt drawn to Reiki - the Japanese energy practice that involves a practitioner placing their hands on different parts of the client's body and sending healing energy to that area. I have accessed Reiki treatment for myself over the years, before deciding to study and become a qualified Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki helps to enhance the body's natural ability to heal, shifts stagnant energy and helps treat physical and emotional dis-ease. 

It is based on the idea that an unseen 'life force energy' flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s 'life force energy' is low, then we are more likely to feel unbalanced, anxious and stressed. If one's 'life force energy' is operating at its best, we are more able to live a life full of health, joy and peace.

Personally, reiki has helped, and continues to help me:

:: manage my Endometriosis

:: treat my period pain

:: shift the energy from my lower chakras, to my higher chakras (resulting in more trust, surrender and creativity)

:: connect with myself, and to something higher

:: calm my emotions and make me feel safe, secure and supported.

Reiki has become one of the key self love and healing tools in my personal 'Wellness Arsenal Kit'.  One that I love to start and end my days with. One that I come back to again and again to help me navigate this crazy thing called life. 

It grounds me. Connects me. Heals me. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Although I suggest seeing a qualified Reiki Practitioner for a full assessment and treatment (let me know if this appeals to you, as this is a service I offer), there are a number of practices you can do at home, to assist you on your quest towards enhanced health and wellbeing.


:: As I mentioned above, Reiki has been a God-send when it comes to managing the pain I experience as result of my Endometriosis and period. When I feel this pain starting to emerge, I find a quiet space, choose an essential oil (lavender is my favourite essential oil when I'm in pain), shut down my eyes, place my hands over my womb and send it healing vibes. I take deep and slow breaths and imagine healing light being channeled from Source (whatever this means to you!) through my hands and into my womb space.

:: Life gets busy and when it does, I find that I become less connected to my heart, and more connected to my mind. When this happens, I find a quiet space, sit in a comfortable position and shut down my eyes. For five minutes, I sit with my palms up and ask to receive Universal healing energy. Then I turn my palms down for five minutes and gift myself this healing energy. Sometimes I'll leave my palms resting on my knees or lap. Other times I'll place my hands on my heart, or on other parts of my body I feel could use from TLC.

:: Like a lot of women out there, I sometimes struggle with self love. When  a lack of self love and thoughts about being 'un-worthy' or 'not enough' creep in, I use Reiki energy to remind myself that I am so much more than the physical body I find myself in. To do this, I simply shut down my eyes, ask to receive Divine energy, and imagine myself being immersed in loving white light.

:: I love to bless my food using Reiki. Before I put any food into my mouth, I place my hands over my food, say thank you and send it positive and healing energy - asking it to heal all levels of my Being. As a sidetone, this is also GREAT for digestion, as waiting to eat stimulates our saliva and gets our digestion going!

Though these techniques are simple, done consistently, they have the power to transform your life. If you're interested in exploring this modality more, I'd love for you to reach out by emailing me at You can find out more about my Reiki services here.


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